ESP, the EQE and an elk.

“The Art of Safety“ pays homage to the infamous elk test and brings together the all-electric EQE with ESP, art exhibits and an elk for a spectacular piece of film.

Marble statues – posing in relatable dangerous traffic situations – suddenly come to life, proving how much we all can and do trust in ESP. “The Art of Safety“ shows how ESP makes traffic safer for anyone anywhere and underlines Mercedes-Benz’ position as leader in car safety.

Watch the film.

Here’s to over 25 years of ESP.

The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) developed from a safety innovation by Mercedes-Benz to a driving assistance system for everyone in almost every car.

Over 25 years after ESP first went into series in the S-Class Coupé, antoni_ and Mercedes-Benz take to a museum at night to celebrate ESP and protecting the most precious artwork of all.

Watch the gallery.

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